TestoGen Booster Review

If you are looking to lose weight and regain your manliness you are probably looking for a testosterone booster supplement. Herbal testosterone boosters have been used for centuries to improve stamina and physical ability. They are mainly used to gain muscle mass, increase stamina, improve sex drive and to have more physical strength.

TestoGen is a testosterone booster that says their product is the most intensive mass stimulator on the planet for guys who exercise hard and eat right.  How many times have you heard that a company’s product is the best on the planet?  Well, I  have run out of fingers and toes!  It is a statement that is commonly used for supplements!

TestoGen states, “since 2002 TestoGen has been known for our muscle builders and testosterone boosters.  We are once again setting the standards that others never will reach.  We are putting into your hands the strongest testosterone booster you will find on the market today.”  Pretty bold statement.  The question is do they have the testosterone booster supplement to back it up?
TestoGen says it is a testosterone boosting fat burner that contains a perfect balance of an aromatase inhibitor, strong testosterone booster, and SERM complex that is designed to boost your body’s production of testosterone.

Can it be the best on  the planet?  Let’s look at TestoGen more closely.

Expert and Consumer Reviews

There are no reviews available since this is a fairly new product.  Reviews are a great indicator to tell us if it is worth trying or staying away from.  Without these reviews you have to trust the company’s claims which can be a scary thing!  We know how deceptive advertising can come into play!

Money Back Guarantee

TestoGen website states that returns and guarantees are not endorsed.  They say there are no refunds and all sales are final.  Makes you worry!  It does not show confidence in their own product when they are not willing to stand behind it.

Quality Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid 500mg–an amino acid.  It has been tested and shown that it may raise testosterone levels
Anti-Aromatase 10mg–stops testosterone from being converted into estsrogen.  When testosterone is converted into estrogen, it is useless to a man.
SERM 30mg–says it is a testosterone enhancing ingredient

Proprietary Blend:
Quercetin–an antioxidant that has shown to help with heart problems and mood disorders, as well as relieving fatigue
Piperine–an alkaloid that claims to increase thermogenesis
Ginger–helps digestive ailments
TestoGen is a testosterone booster supplement that sounds great at the start but when you look closer at it, the reality is it is just another testosterone booster without much power.  There is no clinical evidence that it does what it claims it will do.  Another advertising gimic?  Possibly.  Since it is so new there is no way to know if it really will do the job and help you gain that muscle mass, strength, performance and sex drive.
With so many other testosterone boosters on the market I would suggest you look on this website to see what they recommend.