Have you seen all those commercials for Viagra or Cialis? It seems like all men are having a problem with sexual dysfunction. If you have not had a problem before you may wonder if you have a problem but have not given it much thought. The media can really play with our minds.
Men may have problems with erectile dysfunction for various reasons. They say that 70% of men have ED problems for different types of reasons. It can range from diseases, mental conditions and lifestyles. Over 40% of men with diabetes suffer from ED while vascular disease, heart disease, kidney disease and neurological diseases can also cause ED. Along with medical conditions like those listed, sexual dysfunction can be caused by mental conditions, such as, depression, stress and anxiety. Obesity is also a major factor in ED.
Smoking and taking illegal drugs are other reasons you can have ED. I bet you did not think of all these factors as being the cause. Most people think it happens as we age but that is only one of the many factors.
Testramax is a male sexual enhancement supplement that claims to focus on the idea that men may think that women are more attracted to a man if their testicles increase in size. Unfortunately, the size of the testicles does not equate to better performance in bed. Let’s see what makes up Testramax and if it can help you perform better in bed.

Expert and Consumer Reviews

Expert and Consumer Reviews are a great barometer for getting a feel for a product. In fact it may sway you to buy it if the reviews made by consumers are rosy and positive. The fact that this natural testosterone supplement has no expert or consumer reviews is a little concerning. It usually means consumers are not too impressed with the product to even waste their time putting in their two cents. With no expert reviews available you know they must not be too impressed with the product.
Money Back Guarantee
There is no money back guarantee associated with Testramax. It is had even to find where you can buy it let alone find out if there is a money back guarantee that goes along with this male sexual enhancer. The cost for Testramax is around $59 so you may be out of a lot of money if you don’t get the results you are looking for.

Quality Ingredients

To find the ingredients for Testramax is not easy. However, it lists:
• Damiana Extract—an aphrodisiac that claims may have similar properties to testosterone
• L-Arginine—this is a proven ingredient that will increase blood flow to the penis
• L-Orinithine
• Maca Root—an aphrodisiac
• Taurine
• Petroselinum Crispum—it is parsley and may be a diuretic
• Ginkgo Biloba—memory enhancer
• Zinc
• Copper
As you can see by the ingredients there are not many ingredients that are helpful for erectile dysfunction or even to enlarge the testicles. Damiana and L-Arginine are known to help with sexual arousal and ED but there is no known amount of any ingredients to tell us if they are strong enough to do any good.
I would suggest you look on this website to see what they recommend before purchasing a natural testosterone supplement.


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